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IP Rights Information

This statement is made on July 1st by WAX Wolves creators on the WAX Blockchain. Below is our release of WAX Wolves NFTs IPR (also located in the NFT attributes and data stored on the blockchain).

We, WAX Wolves creators, hereby grant to the owner of the WAX Wolves PFP NFTs associated with this statement all of our intellectual property rights in the underlying asset (your owned WAX Wolves PFP), including but not limited to the following:

  • The right to alter the asset.
  • The right to use it as a character in a comic or tv show.
  • The right to distribute the asset in any way shape or form you like.
  • The right to display the asset publicly with your own effects, thoughts, and views.

The above are just a few of the many things you could do with our IPR. We understand that this grant of rights is irrevocable and that the owner of the NFT is free to exercise these rights in any way they see fit. You own the NFT, you own the IPR with said NFT.

Digitally signed by, WAX Wolves Creators

This information will also be listed in the metadata on the blockchain.

Enjoy and please do see our forum section about ideas and suggestions with IPR (intellectual property rights).

Note: This is just for WAX Wolves NFTs and no other NFTs from the creators, when in doubt read the attributes of the NFT and it will say if it has IPR or not.

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