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Monthly Airdrops Information

The WAX Wolves will pass out airdrops monthly to 50 lucky winners.

50 (fifty) lucky members will receive a WAX Wolves craft NFT.

These craft NFTs will be used for crafting during and after the full 4-month cycle.

NOTE: If you're staked in any farms during this time you will be ineligible, we always suggest holding at least 1 wolf in your wallet 24 hours prior to the first and 24 hours after. If you're trying to be a top 5 or 20 holder please hold all your WAX Wolves in your wallet.

Phases In Order:

  • WAX 1-of-1 Werewolves
  • WAX Werewolves Wrap Up NFTs

Bonus Phases

  • WAX Wolves Surprise Pop-Up Event(s) for Special Craft NFTs (see at the bottom of the article for more information) - CURRENTLY ACTIVE POP UP POOL

At the end of the 4-month cycle, we will have a pool full of 11 (eleven) 1-of-1 WAX Werewolves and 11 (eleven) WAX Werewolves Selfie Surprise that contain multiple mints each for each template.

The pool will have hundreds of NFTs inside and everyone's chance is as good as the next to what you'll pull.

1 craft NFT can be used to claim 1 NFT from the pool.

The first 11 NFTs will be hand-drawn with unique traits that no others have.

These NFTs will not be used by a generator but instead, hand drawn and placed in the pool. The next 11 will not be 1 of 1's but instead have mint numbers. This will allow us to fill up the pool nicely and make it fun for all.


We are always trying new things and we realize the wait till the end of December to use your WAX Wolves Craft NFTs is some time away. So we decided to try something new with this. What we've done is take 200 NFTs (all pictured in the preview video) and put them in a pool.

One WAX Wolves Craft NFT can be redeemed randomly for one of the NFTs currently in the pool.

You can wait till the end of the cycle and use your craft tokens for WAX Werewolves or you can try your luck for one of the NFTs in the pool.

This pool will expire after 150 crafts. The other remaining 50 will be sent back to our wallet.

This pool features some of the best artists on WAX.

We do hope you enjoy this little perk of being a WAX Wolves craft NFT holder.


The monthly craft airdrop NFTs will be located and come from the wax.wolves schema.

We also pass out Craft NFTs throughout our cycle after POP UP SPACES.

Official Dates EST/EDT Local Time Zone:

  1. September 1st, 2023
  2. October 1st, 2023
  3. November 1st, 2023
  4. December 1st, 2023

All winners will be airdropped with the craft NFT.

*subject to change

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