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Monthly Wolves Information

The WAX Wolves will randomly draw one lucky winner for 4 consecutive months (1/3 of a year) in a row. We will see how the project turns out after these 4 months and decide how to move forward with new stuff for the new year.

This will be a hand-drawn custom 1 of 1 WAX Wolf with 100% unique traits that no other WAX Wolves have. They are not run through a generator but instead just created and minted with 100% never used on prior WAX Wolves, traits.

NOTE: If you're staked in any farms during this time you will be ineligible, we always suggest holding at least 1 wolf in your wallet 24 hours prior to the first and 24 hours after. If you're trying to be a top 5 or 20 holder please hold all your WAX Wolves in your wallet.

Official Dates EST/EDT Local Time Zone:

  1. September 1st, 2023
  2. October 1st, 2023
  3. November 1st, 2023
  4. December 1st, 2023

The winner will be air dropped the NFT and the event will be live streamed for transparency.

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