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Pop Up Information

We have implemented more and more "pop up" events and wanted to create a new area to list them all so they're all easy to find in one place.

  1. Pop Up Farms - These are random farms (always at least 3 weeks apart and depending on how the drop and secondary sales are doing) that payout WAX quickly all in 7 days.
  2. Pop Up Spaces - This is where we have a Twitter or X space and allow open mic for the WAX Wolves and WAX Blockchain users. We pass our craft NFTs in the coming days following the space.
  3. Pop Up Crafting - This is where we add random NFTs, some a lot more sought after than others, to a pool and allow users to craft with our craft NFTs we airdrop for a chance at a good pull.
  4. Pop Up Reduction - This is where we can randomly reduce the supply of our mints. We currently have 11,111 claimable mints. This can lower at any time and as many times as we so choose until minted out.

This is currently being updated and may be changed with less or more content until this whole line is removed and or the cycle is completed on the 31st of December, 2023.


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